Terms & Conditions

Please review the attached artwork proof carefully for spelling, numerical, layout and finishing errors. We make every effort to catch mistakes. We are human and errors do get by us. It is your responsibility to double check for errors. Once approved your product will print and finish as it appears in the attached proof.

We do not guarantee a color match to your computer monitor. Your printed product will be printed in a CMYK color space. Your computer monitor is in the RGB color space. Even if your computer monitor is calibrated it will not accurately represent the color of your printed product. If color is critical to your job, for additional charges we can produce a small print sample of your file for you to inspect. Color corrections can then be made and another print sample made for final approval.

If you specify pantone spot colors our color management will attempt to get as close as possible, however this may result in a color that does not look as you intended. Due to the nature of digital imaging, exact Pantone spot color matches are not always possible. Please note that metallic inks are not available for digital printing. Pantone’s CMYK equivalent will be substituted for the metallic inks specified in your file. If you do not wish this substitution to occur, please substitute a non-metallic color to simulate the effect you are trying to achieve.

Please reply with any changes that need to be made. If no changes are necessary and to approve your artwork for printing, reply back saying ‘OK TO PRINT’. If you have any questions regarding your artwork, or are unable to view your proof, please contact us.

Thank you for your business!

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